Consultazioni mirate su classificazione ed etichettatura armonizzate

Targeted consultations for CLH proposals are launched in case further information is needed on a particular hazard class, or if comments are sought on e.g. a specific additional document. As these consultations are targeted, the length of the commenting period is determined on a case-by-case basis and is normally shorter than the usual public consultation on a CLH proposal. Targeted consultations do not replace a normal public consultation on CLH proposals developed by Member States or Manufacturers, Importers or Downstream Users, which forms a standard part of the CLH process. The information that is collected will be taken into account in the preparation for the opinion development of the CLH proposal by the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC).

Any comments arriving after the commenting deadline will not be included in the Response to Comments table which is published after RAC adopts its opinion.


Consultations close at 23:59 Helsinki time (EET)

hexyl 2-(1-(diethylaminohydroxyphenyl)methanoyl)benzoate; hexyl 2-[4-(diethylamino)-2-hydroxybenzoyl]benzoate 443-860-6 302776-68-7 Hazardous to the aquatic environment 17/09/2018 01/10/2018
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