Batteries Directive - Prohibitions & Labelling

This list contains use prohibitions of mercury and cadmium above certain thresholds in batteries and accumulators, with certain exceptions. It also captures certain labelling requirements on such products containing mercury, cadmium and lead above specified quantities.

Mercury and mercury compounds

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Application Name
All batteries, accumulators and button cells, whether or not incorporated into appliances
Expressed As
As mercury
Shall be marked with the chemical symbol for the metal concerned: Hg, Cd or Pb. The symbol indicating the heavy metal content shall be printed beneath the symbol shown in Annex II and shall cover an area of at least one-quarter the size of that symbol.
Label limit
0.0005 % by weight
0.0005 % by weight
1 Under Article 4 paragraph 2: The prohibition shall not apply to button cells with a mercury content of no more than 2 % by weight until 1 October 2015.

3 Under Art 4 par. 4: As regards button cells for hearing aids (BCFHA), the Commission shall maintain under review the exemption referred to in par. 2 and report to the European Parliament and the Council on the availability of BCFHA which are in compliance with par. 1(a) before 1 Oct 2014. Where lack of availability of BCFHA in compliance with par. 1(a), the Commission shall accompany its report by a proposal with a view to extending the exemption in par. 2 with regard to BCFHA.

4 For further labeling requirements see Article 21 Directive 2006/66/EC

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