Annex V Part 2

The annex V part 2 entries are hard-coded in the system and will not be available in the substances subject to PIC data.

Hence the Annex V part 2 entries can be found here.

Annex V lists the chemicals and articles the use of which is prohibited in the European Union and which shall not be exported. Chemicals and articles listed in Part 1 of Annex V are subject to export ban and belong to the category of persistent organic pollutants; Part 2 of Annex V lists chemicals and articles subject to export ban other than persistent organic pollutants.


Description of chemicals/article(s) subject to export ban Additional details, where relevant (e.g. name of chemical, EC No, CAS No, etc.)
Cosmetic soaps containing mercury
CN codes:
3401 11 00
3401 19 00
3401 20 10
3401 20 90
3401 30 00
Metallic mercury and mixtures of metallic mercury with other substances, including alloys of mercury, with a mercury concentration of at least 95 % weight by weight.
CAS No: 7439-97-6
EC No: 231-106-7
CN code: 2805 40
Mercury compounds except compounds exported for laboratory-scale research and laboratory analysis
Cinnabar ore
CAS no:19122-73-3
Mercury (I) chloride
EC No: 233-307-5
CAS no:10112-91-1
Mercury (II) oxide
EC No: 244-654-7
CAS no: 21908-53-2
CN code: 2852 00 00
Mercury sulphide
EC No: 215-696-3
CAS no: 1344-48-5

The export of all mercury compounds and of mixtures of mercury is prohibited for the purpose of reclaiming mercury.

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