Draft CoRAP

Each year in autumn, ECHA submits a draft update for the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) to the Member States and to ECHA's Member State Committee for opinion. The draft is also published on ECHA's website but there is no public consultation for the proposal. The aim of publishing the draft update is to inform stakeholders of the progress made in the substance evaluation process and to help the involved registrants to communicate with the relevant evaluating Member State.

The number of substances in the draft will vary annually depending for example on the Member States capacity to perform evaluations and on the availability of suitable candidate CoRAP substances.

The information in the draft CoRAP includes:

  • the non-confidential substance names
  • CAS- and EC-numbers
  • a short description of the initial concerns which triggered the inclusion of the substance in CoRAP
  • the contact details of the Member State who intends to conduct the substance evaluation

CoRAP always covers substances for three years. Normally, substances listed in the second year in the previously adopted CoRAP will become substances of the first year in the draft update. Respectively, the third year substances will become substances of the second year. Thus, the proposals will introduce new substances especially for the third year but also for the other years.

Compared to the previously adopted CoRAP, the year of the planned evaluation may also change and if appropriate, a substance can be removed before final adoption of the annual CoRAP update. In principle, it is also possible that the evaluating Member State changes.

Final CoRAP update

The Member State Committee will prepare an opinion on the draft CoRAP update usually in February each year. On the basis of this opinion, ECHA will adopt the final CoRAP update in spring, usually in March.

From the publication of the final CoRAP, the respective Member States have one year to evaluate substances specified for the first year and, if necessary, to prepare a draft decision for requesting further information to clarify the suspected risks of the relevant substance.



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