Community Rolling Action Plan

The Community rolling action plan indicates substances for evaluation by the Member States in the next three years and is updated each year in March. The evaluation aims to clarify the initial concern that the manufacture and/or use of these substances could pose a risk to human health or the environment.

In many cases, these initial concerns are related to potential persistency, bioaccumulation and toxicity (PBT), endocrine disruption, or carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and toxicity to reproduction (CMR); in combination with wide dispersive use or consumer uses. In general, the uses of these substances cover various areas and do not focus on any particular industrial, professional or consumer uses.

The CoRAP includes a short description of the initial concern for each substance. Member States may focus their assessment on the area of initial concern, but this does not limit the scope of evaluation. Following the evaluation by Member States, further information may be requested from the registrants of the substances if additional data is considered necessary to clarify a suspected risk. Alternatively, it may be concluded that the substance does not constitute a risk and that no further data is needed.


From the publication of the final CoRAP update, the designated Member States have one year to evaluate substances specified for the first year of the CoRAP update and, where regarded as necessary, to prepare a draft decision for requesting further information to clarify the suspected risks.

After receipt, without undue delay, ECHA will forward any draft decisions to the registrants for comments. Draft decisions will also be reviewed by the other Member States and ECHA. If proposals for amendments are made, the Member State Committee will also be involved before the decision becomes effective. Final decisions will be published on the ECHA website.


Community Rolling Action Plan

Next update: end of March 2020


The CoRAP was prepared in cooperation with the Member States, taking into account the criteria for selection of substances.


ECHA adopted this plan on 19 March 2019 on the basis of the favourable opinion of the ECHA Member State Committee.

MSC opinion


Annual draft of CoRAP

Each year in autumn, ECHA submits a draft update for the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) to the Member States and to ECHA's Member State Committee for opinion. The draft is also published on ECHA's website but there is no public consultation for the proposal. The aim of publishing the draft update is to inform stakeholders of the progress made in the substance evaluation process and to help the involved registrants to communicate with the relevant evaluating Member State.


Transitional measures: complementary part to the CoRAP

These transitional measures refer to those substances for which further information has been requested from a notifier/manufacturer/importer. These requests are in accordance with Article 16(1) of Directive 67/548/EEC (for NONS substances) or Articles 10(2) or 12(2) of certain Commission regulations that have been adopted in application of Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 (for existing substances). However, not all the information was provided by the stated deadlines or evaluation is not complete by the responsible Member States Competent Authority (MSCA), thus the substance evaluation process is still ongoing.


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