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First-aid measures

Emergency measure - Inhalation: Removed the injured person to fresh air. Seek medical
adviceif ill effects occour.
Emergency measure - Eyes: Wash out with pl enty of water. Seek medical advice.
Emergency measure - Skin: remove contaminated clothing. Then wash with soap and water.
Seek medical advise.
Emergency measure - Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water, do not swallow. Seek medical
attention if ill effects occour.

Fire-fighting measures

Recommended extinguishing agent: water, dry-chemical, CO2 chemical foam.

Product arising from burning: COx, HCl

Product determined by test: N

Protective equipment: Full personal equipment including breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures

Emergency measures in case of spillage: Collect up spilled material and place into suitable
containers for disposal. The spilled material should be
incinerated in an authorised facility. the contaminated area
should be washed with a solution of diluted sodium
hydroxide, taking care not to let contaminated water enter
the public watercourse.

Handling and storage

Handling: Operations are either carried out in closed systems or
alternatively under local exhaust ventilation. Workers must
wear appropriate personal protective equipment including a
facemask with a suitable filter, rubber or neoprene gloves.
All contaminated clothing sholud be disposed.

Storage: In a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Keep containers
tightly closed and away from sources of ignition.

Packaging of the substance and or preparation: 200 kg polyethylene drums.

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Air transport (UN RTDG/ICAO/IATA)

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Special provisions / remarks
Transport: No information available
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Chemical reaction with water: The substance reacts with water to give 2-methyl benzhydrol
and hydrogen chloride.

Dust explosion: Not known

Dust explosion determined by test: N

Disposal considerations

Industry - Possibility of recovery/recycling: Any spilled material is collected in suitable containers and
sent for disposal at suitable incineration facility

Industry - Possibility of neutralisation: None known

Industry - Possibility of destruction: controlled discharge: Not recommended

Industry - Possibility of destruction - incineration: Preferred. The substance should be sent to an authorised
incineration facility equipped with an after burner and

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