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Décisions d'évaluation des dossiers

Décisions d'évaluation des dossiers

This section contains the non-confidential versions of the decisions originating from compliance checks and examination of testing proposals (the two dossier evaluation processes). Decisions can be searched by evaluation process, decision number, the date on which the decision was issued. Additionally the search can be based, solely, on the substance name, EC or CAS number when these data are public. Pressing directly on <Search> leads to displaying all decisions published to-date.

By publishing the dossier evaluation decisions, ECHA increases the transparency of its process, and offers registrants and third parties an opportunity to follow and increase their insights in the evaluation processes of compliance check and testing proposal examinations.

Before publication of the decision, ECHA consults the addressees on the non-confidential version it intends to publish. ECHA notes that any personal data are removed and that the published documents represent decisions with blanked out sections that have been claimed confidential by the registrant and which were deemed to harm their commercial interest if disclosed.  The decisions are only available in their original language.


Explanatory note
  1. Link to the "Registered substances" web section : Pressing on <View dossier> allows easy access to the information available and disseminated in the "Registered substances" web section, on the substance subject to the decision. The "Registered substances" web section publishes data aggregated per joint registration of a substance, which have been obtained from all registration dossiers part of that joint registration. This includes the names of the registrants unless claimed confidential.
    It should be noted that dossier evaluation decisions may not apply to all registrants being part of a joint registration. Moreover, in case a registrant has made a valid confidentiality claim on its name, all names of registrants concerned by a dossier evaluation decision may not appear on the "Registered substances" web section.
    Similarly if the substance name has been claimed confidential, there may be no link between the "Registered substances" web section and the corresponding evaluation decisions.
  2. Substance name: If it has been established that publication of the substance name would undermine the registrant's or a third party's commercial interest, the name has been blanked out in the decision. 
  3. Tonnage band: Reference to a certain Annex of the REACH Regulation in a decision does not necessarily indicate the tonnage band of the linked joint registration in the "Registered substances" web section. In fact, depending on the circumstances of the case, a decision may address a requirement applicable to a lower, or higher, tonnage band compared to the actual tonnage band registered.
  4. Status of the information requests: For transparency reasons the dossier evaluation decisions will remain published, also after the related registration dossier may have been updated as requested in the decision. Readers are reminded that the most recent data on a substance are disseminated in the related entry of the "Registered substances" section. 

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