BPC opinions on Union authorisation

The Biocidal Products Committee has issued the following opinions on applications for Union authorisation

BPC opinions on union authorisation


Biocidal product BPC Opinion BPC minority positions Date of opinion
CVAS Disinfectant product based on Propan-2-ol 28/02/2019
Pal IPA Product Family 28/02/2019
Contec IPA Product Family 28/02/2019
BPF Iodine VET 27/02/2019
Boumatic Iodine product family 27/02/2019
Iodine Teat Dip Products based on Iodine 14/12/2018
Teat disinfectants biocidal product family of Novadan 18/10/2018
Deosan Activate BPF based on Iodine 28/06/2018
Teat disinfectants biocidal product family of CVAS 07/03/2018
Ecolab Iodine PT3 Family 12/12/2017
HYPRED's iodine based products 12/12/2017

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