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Regulatory management option analysis

The regulatory management option analysis (RMOA) list includes substances for which an RMOA either is under development or has been completed since the start of the implementation of the SVHC Roadmap in February 2013.

For each substance, the table shows the assessing Member State (submitter), the concern, the outcome and the suggested follow-up from the RMOA, and the date of the latest update to the list entry.

Other process details and relevant documents are also available and can be accessed through the ‘Details’ icon for the list entry.


Disclaimer to the RMOA list

The responsibility for the content of an RMOA rests with the authority that developed it. It is possible that other authorities do not have the same view, and even develop a further RMOA. Any authority can consequently initiate a regulatory process but should indicate this by appropriate means, such as the Registry of Intentions.

RMOAs and their conclusions are compiled based on available information and may change in light of new information or further assessment.

Dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative

EC / List no: 258-649-2 CAS no: 53585-53-8
Other environmental toxicity
Under development
Under development
No suggestion yet
Date of intention
Date of RMOA conclusion
RMOA conclusion document
Full RMOA document
This substance is part of functional grouping approach for high temperature, non-pressurised heat transfer fluids that might be used as substitutes for SVHC (vPvB) identified substance terphenyl, hydrogenated (EC 262-967-7). This RMOA intention covers two substances dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivate (EC 258-649-2) & 6-(1-phenylethyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene (EC 400-370-7).
Submitter organisation
Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency
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