REACH registration statistics

The interactive infographic shows statistical data about the registrations received from the 28 EU Member States and from the European Economic Area countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

You can find:

  • the number of unique substances registered, their registration type (full or intermediate), the substance type (existing or new substance) and the approximate total tonnage on the EU/EEA market;
  • the number of registrations, their type (full or intermediate) and role of the company that submitted the registration (manufacturer, importer, etc.);
  • the most commonly registered chemicals;
  • all of the information mentioned above, filtered by individual EU/EEA country and by year, month or week;
  • the number of unique companies that have registered chemicals, their company size and role in the supply chain.

The data is presented through an interactive map. You can access the more detailed information by clicking on a country. There is also the possibility to display the data in graphs and tables, and to compare data between two EU/EEA countries.

These statistics will be updated regularly. 

Search for the lead registrant

You can search for the lead registrant by clicking on the link below or on the Find your lead registrant tab at the bottom of the infographic.


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