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Category name:
Category for CAS 92045-40-4

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
Lubricating oils, used and not
Category description:
(1) EC 274-635-9 (Lubricating oils, used), (2) EC 295-421-1 (Lubricating oils, used, distd.), (3) EC 295-422-7 (Lubricating oils, used, vacuum distd.), (4) EC 265-161-3 (Lubr icating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent).
Category rationale:
The category was built up considering the technological cycle before and after the intermediate.
The substance "lubricating oil, used" (EC 274-635-9) was considered at one side of the category: the intermediate may be obtained starting from this substance.
On the other side, the substances: "Lubricating oils, used, vacuum distd." (EC 295-422-7) and "Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent" (EC 265-161-3) were used as more refined substances. In particular, the process pathway going from the used oil to the re-refined oil includes some steps suitable to eliminate contaminants and impurities. Therefore, "lubricating oil, used" (EC 274-635-9) was considered to be the worst case in the category, whereas the substance "Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent" (EC 265-161-3) was the best case (see scheme attached below).
When similar results were observed for the two members at the extreme sides of the category, the information was applied to the substance of the interest too.
When toxicologically relevant results suggesting some kind of harm were observed for the more refined substances, they were applied to the substance of interest too.
In the other cases (e.g. harmful raw material and not harmful re-refined oil, data available only for the raw material) read across was omitted or the results were considered inconclusive.