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The registration substance Tetrapropenyl succinimido caproic acid (Tetra-PSCA), CAS No. 1424148-99-1 is a structural homologue of Pentapropenyl succinimido caproic acid (Penta-PSCA), CAS No. 1424148-94-6. Both substance are not only structurally very similar they also have a similar Octanol-water partitioning coefficient: Tetra-PSCA Log Kow=3.7 and Penta-PSCA Log Kow=3.6 and comparable vapour pressures and Critical Micelle Concentrations. Therefore it is justified to use substance data from Penta-PSCA for read-across to Tetra-PSCA.

The registration substance has a measured Log Kow of 3.7 and based on this value the Exposure Modelling Program EUSES 2.1 calculates a Koc of 162 L/kg (QSAR for organic acids) corresponding to a Kd soil of 3.3 L/kg, Kd sediment of 8.1 L/kg and Kd activated sludlge of 60 L/kg. These Kd values are low which means that an Adsorption / Desorption study is not warranted.


Based on the vapour pressure and CMC of the registration substance EUSES 2.1 calculates a Henry's Law Constant (HLC) of 5.6 E-08 Pa*m3/mol at 12 deg C or dimensionless 2.3*E-11 m3/m3.