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Category name:
C4, high 1,3-butadiene (>=0.1%) LOA

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
C4, high 1,3-butadiene (>0.1%)
Category rationale:
The ‘C4, high 1,3-butadiene (>0.1%)’ category covers hydrocarbon streams containing high purity hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon substances with impurities and complex hydrocarbon reaction products. These hydrocarbon streams have a carbon number distribution that is predominantly C4 but with a range of C3-C5 and more than 0.1% 1,3-butadiene. Category members are typically produced from the steam-cracking of naphtha as a C4-rich stream. The physico-chemical properties associated with these types of UVCBs indicated that they comprise a category based on the range of boiling points (from -15°C to +15°C) and will have similar behaviour in the environment. The log Kow ranges from 2.09-2.31 and the streams in this category are not considered to be readily biodegradable. The mammalian toxicity information and environmental assessment also indicated that the streams in this category exert similar effects.