Registreeritud ained

Registreeritud ained

Registreeritud ained

Andmed on võetud ECHA-le esitatud registreerimistoimikutest ja sorditud viimase ajakohastamise kuupäeva järgi. Üldkogusevahemiku andmed on koondatud kõikidest toimikutest, v.a kaks erandit: kogused, millele on taotletud konfidentsiaalsust, ja kogused, mida kasutatakse vaheainena erineva kemikaali tootmiseks. Avaldatud üldkogusevahemiku andmed ei kajasta tingimata registreeritud kogusevahemikke.

NB! Osa registreeritud ainete teabest võib kuuluda kolmandatele isikutele. Selle teabe kasutamiseks võib olla vaja kolmandatest isikutest omanike eelnevat luba. Lisateave on õigusteabe märkuses.

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Please note:
  • The ‘Substance has nanoform’ search filter returns all factsheets containing any data related to nanomaterials. NB: This does not mean that a registration covering nanoforms has been submitted in line with the revised annexes of REACH. Since 1 January 2020, before manufacturing or importing a nanoform of a substance, the operators concerned must submit the required nano-specific information to ECHA in a new or updated registration dossier.
  • Please be aware that the annual IUCLID format change is coming soon. We will be adapting the Dissemination platform to the new format, which means that as of 15th October 2021 until early 2022 there will be a break in publication of newly submitted registration dossiers. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Last updated 13 oktoober 2021. Database contains 23445 unique substances and contains information from 104978 dossiers.
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Registrant/Supplier Address Country Registration Status Name EC / List no. CAS no. Last update year Details
SK BIOTEK IRELAND LIMITED Watery Lane Swords K67 AY91 Swords Co. Dublin Ireland Ireland Active ((6-chloro-4-((2-methoxy-3-(1-methyl-1H-1.2.4-triazol-3-yl)phenyl)amino)pyridazine-3-carbonyl)oxy) hemi-zinc salt 950-319-2 - - View substance registered dossier
Yordas GmbH Äuβere Nürnberger Straβe 62 91301 Forchheim Germany Germany Active ((4S,4aR,7S,7aR)-4,7-dimethylhexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyran-1(3H)-one 953-513-5 - - View substance registered dossier
Swords Laboratories Cruiserath Road Mulhuddart D15H6EF Dublin 15 Co Dublin Ireland Ireland Active ((4-phenylbutyl)hydroxyphosphoryl)acetic acid 412-170-7 83623-61-4 - View substance registered dossier
ELKEM SILICONES FRANCE S.A.S. Immeuble DANICA 21, Avenue Georges Pompidou 69003 Lyon France France Active ((2-ethyl-1-oxohexyl)oxy)-(1-phenyl-1,3-decanedionyl)dioctyl stannane; bis(1-phenyl-1,3-decanedionyl)dioctyl stannane; bis[((2-ethyl-1-oxohexyl)oxy)dioctylstannyl]oxide; reaction mass of: bis[(2-ethyl-1-oxohexyl)oxy]dioctyl stannane 422-920-5 - - View substance registered dossier
- - - - ( 4-hydroxystyrene, 4-t butoxy styrene and 2,5-dimethyl -2.5-diacryloxyhexane) copolymer 433-610-4 - - View substance registered dossier
PARCEL WORLD DISTRIBUTION 9 rue de la chapelles 8017 strassen Luxembourg Luxembourg Active ''amyl nitrite'', mixed isomers 203-770-8 110-46-3 2019 View substance registered dossier
BENECHIM René Magritte 163 7860 Lessines Belgium Belgium Active ''amyl nitrite'', mixed isomers 203-770-8 110-46-3 - View substance registered dossier
BELGO-PRISM 14 chemin du fundus 7822 Ghislenghien Belgium Belgium Active ''amyl nitrite'', mixed isomers 203-770-8 110-46-3 - View substance registered dossier
Chemservice S.A. (V3S9) 13, Fausermillen 6689 Mertert Luxembourg Luxembourg Active ''amyl nitrite'', mixed isomers 203-770-8 110-46-3 - View substance registered dossier

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