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Registreeritud ained

Registreeritud ained

Andmed on võetud ECHA-le esitatud registreerimistoimikutest ja sorditud viimase ajakohastamise kuupäeva järgi. Üldkogusevahemiku andmed on koondatud kõikidest toimikutest, v.a kaks erandit: kogused, millele on taotletud konfidentsiaalsust, ja kogused, mida kasutatakse vaheainena erineva kemikaali tootmiseks. Avaldatud üldkogusevahemiku andmed ei kajasta tingimata registreeritud kogusevahemikke.

NB! Osa registreeritud ainete teabest võib kuuluda kolmandatele isikutele. Selle teabe kasutamiseks võib olla vaja kolmandatest isikutest omanike eelnevat luba. Lisateave on õigusteabe märkuses.

NB! Registreeritud ainete keemiliste omaduste teave on kättesaadav portaalis eChemPortal

The REACH registered substance factsheets portal will be upgraded from the 9th November. Please be aware there may be intermittent unavailability while work in ongoing. The new and updated data elements will be calculated and inserted as soon as possible thereafter, but it may take a week or two to have everything fully in place.

The result of the search ‘Substance has nanoform’ returns all factsheets containing data related to nanomaterials. However, this does not mean that a registration covering nanoforms of the substance has been submitted in line with the revised annexes of REACH by all the registrants concerned. Note that since 1 January 2020, before manufacturing or importing a nanoform of a substance, the operators concerned must submit the required nano-specific information to ECHA using IUCLID version 6.4 (released on 30 October 2019).

Name EC / List no. CAS no. Registration Status Registration type Submission type Total tonnage band Last Updated Details
Trimethyl borate 204-468-9 121-43-7 null Full Joint 100 - 1 000 tonnes per annum 24-05-2020 View substance registered dossier
Trimethyl borate 204-468-9 121-43-7 null Full Individual 0 - 10 tonnes per annum 18-03-2020 View substance registered dossier
Trimethyl borate 204-468-9 121-43-7 null Intermediate Individual Intermediate Use Only 18-03-2020 View substance registered dossier

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