Forum working groups

The Forum and the BPR Subgroup run several working groups year around. Below more information on each of the active working groups.

Forum Working Groups


Cooperation with Customs 2
Prepares proposals for the discussion with the European Commission DG TAXUD and the Customs Authorities on the possible involvement of Customs in control of REACH and CLP (and possibly aspects of PIC)
Coordinated enforcement project REACH-EN-FORCE-7
Conceives, manages and reports on the seventh major Forum enforcement project REF-7
Enforceability of Restrictions
Facilitates the enforceability of restrictions.
Implementation of PD-NEA
Supports the implementation of the PD-NEA allowing inspectors access to data submitted to ECHA
Joint initiative ECHA Forum - ECHA ASOs on Improvement of the quality of SDSs
Identifies the common deficiencies found in the SDSs, proposes solutions for improvement and encourages ECHA ASOs to implement the solutions and to monitor the progress.
Pilot Project on Substances in Articles
Conceives and manages the pilot project on substances in articles
Prioritisation of REF projects
Reviews, prioritises and recommends the subject for the next harmonised enforcement project coordinated by the Forum (REF Projects).
Survey on OSH-REACH enforcement interactions
Prepare and process a survey on interactions in OSH and REACH enforcement.
Task Force on Categorisation of Risks
Prepares a thought starter on approaches to categorise risks related to non-compliance of legal requirements at the level of Forum, NEAs and inspectors
Third Forum Pilot Project on Authorisation
Coordinates and manages the preparatory, operational and reporting phases of the Forum third pilot project on authorisation aimed at building enforcement experience and practices involved in controlling authorization related obligations
Training for enforcement trainers 2019
Prepares and delivers the training for trainers on the enforcement of REACH CLP and PIC in the fourth quarter of 2019

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