Mixture classification

Mixture classification

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Are you an importer or a formulator of mixtures within the EU/EEA?

If you are, you are responsible for the classification, labelling and packaging of the mixture you place on the market (i.e. mixtures you import into the EU/EEA or formulate for further supply) in accordance with the CLP Regulation. You need to be aware of the hazards of the mixture imported or formulated and you need to communicate them in your supply chain.

Distributors of mixtures also have obligations under CLP e.g. to make sure that the label and the packaging is in accordance with CLP.

A further description of roles and obligations under CLP is given in Chapter 2 of the Introductory Guidance on the
CLP Regulation. 

Support to understand your task

The following pages offer support to those who need to classify mixtures to meet the classification requirements of CLP. Information on labelling and packaging can be found in the Guidance on labelling and packaging.

The information presented is mainly based on the ECHA Guidance on the application of CLP criteria and the Guidance on labelling and packaging, to which also links are provided. We advise you to read these web pages together with Part 1, especially Chapter 1.6, especially addressing mixtures, of the Guidance on the application of CLP criteria.

In addition, links to other useful sources are provided.

Before you begin your classification exercise, we recommend that you carefully consider whether you have the necessary expertise 'in house' to classify your mixtures or whether you need external support, especially when your mixture is very complex.

In fulfilling your obligation to classify and label your mixture and to compile the safety data sheet (SDS), commercial classification, labelling and SDS software systems can be particularly useful. However, please bear in mind that even when using software or external expertise, you are still responsible for the final classification of your mixture.

Mixture classification