Notifying substances in articles


Importers and producers of articles have to notify ECHA if substances listed on the Candidate list are present in their articles, under certain conditions. There are two possibilities to submit your notification: via the webform or via REACH-IT. If you wish to claim some of the notified information as confidential, in addition to information which is always treated as confidential (see Article 118 of REACH), please use REACH-IT. Non-confidential data on candidate list substances in articles which are available for consumer use on the EU market are published on the ECHA website.

Deadline: Companies have to notify no later than six months after the inclusion of the substance in the Candidate list.

Submitting using the webform

This method is recommended for all notifiers, especially those who are not familiar with IUCLID.

You must have a REACH-IT account and have your account activated (steps 1 and 2) to be able to submit a substance in article notification via this webform.

  1. Sign up in REACH-IT (you can skip this step if your company already has a REACH-IT account).

    REACH-IT sign-up

  2. Log into REACH-IT to have your user account activated (you can skip this step if you have already logged in into the REACH-IT at least once).

    REACH-IT log-in

  3. Click on the button below and follow the instructions to submit your substance in article report using the webform.


Submitting via REACH-IT

This method is recommended for notifiers who are already users of IUCLID and who want to maintain their report records in the REACH-IT system. It is also recommended for those who also want to report a different substance identification, composition, or classification and labelling information or for those who wish to indicate part of the information included in the notification as confidential.

To prepare and submit your notification you should follow these steps:

  1. Download a pre-filled substance dataset from Candidate list table
  2. Import the dataset into IUCLID.
  3. Complete the notification with the following information
    • Your identity and contact details
    • Registration number, if available
    • Tonnage range of the substance
    • A brief description of the use of the substance in the article
    • Uses of the article
  4. Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant to detect any missing information and pre-check certain 'Business Rules'.
  5. Submit the notification via REACH-IT (See also Manual: How to prepare a substance in articles notification). 

Legal reference

Article 7(2) (REACH)