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Conclusion on classification

A provisional classification will be done based on the acquired data needed for registration at Annex VII level (i.e. algae and Daphnia). IFF is aware that there are more aquatic hazard data available that could impact the classification of the chemical. Once these are obtained we review the classification and update accordingly.

For the substance acute aquatic data are available for two trophic levels. In addition one NOEC is available for algae. The EC50 for algae was derived to be >WS and for Daphnia an EC50 of 5.35 mg/L was derived. Based on this no acute aquatic classification is warranted.

As there is one NOEC available the chronic classification has to be determined on both acute and chronic data. Based on the acute Daphnia study the substance has to be classified H411 as the EC50 is between 1 -10 mg/L, the substance is not rapidly degradable and the BCF is >500. Based on the chronic NOEC for algae of 0.5 mg/L and the substance being not rapidly degradable the substance should also be classified as H411. Final classification under the CLP Regulation 1272/2008/EC will become H411 (Aquatic chronic 2).