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The data are derived from Karanal, which is a reaction mass containing several components. Karanal consists of the same components as Aurawood but the concentration of these components are slightly different.

Though ECHA (GB349025-60, 2012, see physico-chemical section) has responded that Karanal is not identical to Aurawood the constituents are the same and may be around the ECHA's threshold when considering Karanal and Aurawood dissimilar.

In IFFs view the similarity between these two substances is such that an overall read across justification for fate and distribution is not considered necessary also because the variation in the concentration of the components is not considered to influence the fate and distribution results. Therefore the data of Karanal can be used for Aurawood. In the sections on test substance Karanal is considered the same as Aurawood.

Hydrolysis: The substance is considered to be slightly hydrolysable and most likely restricted to acidic conditions only (Annex XV report).

Biodegradation: In a screening for ready biodegradability test (301F) no significant biodegradation test was seen.

In an OECD TG 309 study the substance is slowly degraded with the DT50 at 22 °C amounting to 56 days (Annex XV, 2015).

Adsorption /desorption: In a GLP-compliant study a log Kocof 3.61 for the substance is reported (Annex XV report, 2015).