Høringer på anmodning af ECHA's administrerende direktør til udvalgene

Høringer på anmodning af ECHA's administrerende direktør til udvalgene

Following a request from ECHA's Executive Director under Article 77(3)(c) of REACH, ECHA may hold a consultation to support the Committees in adopting an opinion on the safety of substances on their own, in mixtures or in articles. The consultations listed below are ongoing.

  • Only the comments addressing the topic of the specific consultation will be taken into account
  • Further information on each consultation, including practical instructions for submission, are provided in an information note as well as the comments form itself, which is accessed by clicking on the link ‘give comments’ in the substance details.



The information submitted may be non-confidential or confidential. If you claim information to be confidential, you will need to provide a justification. Any information claimed confidential will only be made available to ECHA, including its Committees, the Member State Competent Authorities and the European Commission, if appropriate. In case you submit confidential information, we kindly ask you also to submit a non-confidential version of the information. The non-confidential comments and attachments will appear on the ECHA website after the consultation is closed.

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Substance Details

Lead and its compounds
EC Number
CAS Number
Subject of the request
ECHA is launching a three-month targeted consultation for stakeholders to provide comments and supporting evidence on two EFSA datasets used by ECHA to assess the risks to human health from the use of lead in ammunition.

See web form for additional information
Information note

Info Note [EN]
информационна бележка [BG]
info poznámka [CS]
Læs mere [DA]
Info-Hinweis [DE]
ενημερωτικό σημείωμα [EL]
nota informativa [ES]
info märkus [ET]
tietohuomautus [FI]
note d’information [FR]
informativna napomena [HR]
infó megjegyzés [HU]
nota informativa [IT]
informacinis pranešimas [LT]
info piezīme [LV]
nota ta’ informazzjoni [MT]
info opmerking [NL]
notatka informacyjna [PL]
nota de informação [PT]
notă informativă [RO]
info poznámka [SK]
opomba o informacijah [SL]
info anmärkning [SV]
The mandate
Committee(s) responsible for opinion
Committee for risk assessment (RAC)
Document(s) on which comments are requested

Added on 01/08/2022
Start of consultation
Deadline for comments
Link to webform for providing comments
Give Comments
Other remarks

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