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Enzymes are polymers of 20 different naturally occurring amino acids in various length and order. The amino acids sequence determines the structure of the enzyme since at biological conditions the structure of this polymer is defined by the energy minimum fold. The enzyme fold and structure is held together primarily by hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic interactions, ion bonds and van der Waals forces between the different amino acids and cofactors. Protein melting is usually used to refer to a conformational change in structure, not a phase change from solid to liquid. Melting and boiling temperature is not relevant in regard to proteins. A protein in the solid phase will not transition to a liquid or vapor phase before the protein has first decomposed into smaller subunits, amino acids. This is also referenced in the Human & Environmental Risk Assessment on ingredients of household cleaning products α-AMYLASES, CELLULASES AND LIPASES under the Physico-chemical properties. The vapor pressure used for the Risk assessment is the Minimum value of 1x10 E-6 Pa (EUSES min. default). Reference: HERA Human and environmental risk assessment on ingredients of household cleaning products - alpha-amylases, cellulases and lipases. 2005

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