Forum's Open Sessions

The Forum holds its open sessions once a year back-to-back with the last Forum meeting of the year. All ECHA Accredited Stakeholders (ASO) are invited to participate.

A call for interest and request to submit proposals for presentations is launched at the end of the summer each year.

The ASOs are invited to bring of issues they wish to highlight and discuss with the Forum.

The discussions are seen as beneficial for both sides as they served to clarify, in general terms, the NEA approaches and existing activities in Member States.


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The Forum's Open session 2016 took place on 8 November 2016, back-to-back with the Forum-25 plenary meeting, held in Helsinki. It was attended by four accredited stakeholder organisation (ASO) representatives, one of them attending remotely.

This year, the discussion focused on the challenges faced in the communication within the supply chain, in particular between Only Representatives (ORs) and Downstream users (DUs). The Vice-Secretary of the OR Organisation (ORO) presented the issues relevant to their members on the topic, which provided good information for the discussion. Forum commented upon a number of points made in the ORO presentation such as the use of certificates or the responsibility of the OR for obtaining all the information required to fulfil their duties. Detailed summary of the discussion will be available in the minutes of Forum-25. The stakeholders were invited to bring the messages from the Forum to the ORs at large.

The Forum took the opportunity to summarise the Forum’s projects that were concluded during 2016. The stakeholders were informed about the Compendium of analytical methods for checking compliance with REACH restrictions and were invited to use it and to contribute to its updates by filling in the questionnaire on available analytical methods.

A Swedish enforcement project on car and boat products was presented in the slot of the agenda dedicated to national enforcement initiatives.

Forum explained how the project proposals for enforcement were assessed in 2016 and what subjects ended on the short list of proposals for the next Forum’s projects (REF-6 and pilot projects). The proposed topics were submitted by Forum members, ECHA, Commission and ASOs. In particular, one of the ASO proposals was incorporated in the REF-5 project (focusing in extended safety data sheets). Two ASO proposals are incorporated in the scope of the REF-6 project on CLP, which was approved at Forum-25. The ASOs were formally invited to submit proposals for the scope of future enforcement projects by using the appropriate template.


Agenda item Title Speaker Presentation


Forum’s experiences and recommendations

Eugen Anwander – AT Forum member

[PDF] [EN]


Challenges, constraints and opportunities in DU communication

Rudolf Stabb – OR Organisation

[PDF] [EN]


Enforcement project on car and boat products

Helena Segervall – SE invited expert

[PDF] [EN]


Forum’s finalised projects during 2016

Szilvia Deim – Forum Chair

[PDF] [EN]


State of play with the Compendium of Analytical methods

Maria Letizia Polci – IT Forum Alternate

[PDF] [EN]


Update on the scope of REF projects

Maria Letizia Polci – IT Forum Alternate

[PDF] [EN]


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