Forum's Open Sessions

The Forum holds its open sessions once a year back-to-back with the last Forum meeting of the year. All ECHA Accredited Stakeholders (ASO) are invited to participate.

A call for interest and request to submit proposals for presentations is launched at the end of the summer each year.

The ASOs are invited to bring of issues they wish to highlight and discuss with the Forum.

The discussions are seen as beneficial for both sides as they served to clarify, in general terms, the NEA approaches and existing activities in Member States.


Important disclaimer

Please note, this page includes presentations of third parties. The sole responsibility for the content of these presentations lies with the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Chemicals Agency. The European Chemicals Agency is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.


The Forum's Open session 2014 took place on 6 November 2014, back to back with Forum-19 plenary meeting and it was held in Brussels. It was attended by 11 ASO representatives.

Four ASOs addressed topics they considered relevant to their members, including enforcing of dossier evaluation decisions, joint submission obligations, enforcement actions on nano-materials and involving customs authorities in REACH enforcement, resulting in a good discussion with the Forum.

The Forum also used the open session to present its work as well as results and experiences of national enforcement initiatives from four countries.

The ASO were formally invited by the Forum to submit proposals for the scope of the next enforcement project by using the appropriate template (please see below).

The open session also included a world café discussion that aimed at collecting suggestions to improve the cooperation between ASO and Forum.


Agenda item Title Speaker Presentation
12 COM communication to Forum Stakeholders COM [PDF] [EN]
13.1 Statement of Non-Compliance (SoNC): Views and expectations Erwin Annys, CEFIC [PDF] [EN]
13.2 Full recognition by regulators to the One Substance- One Registration (OSOR) and ‘no data- no market' principles under REACH to avoid unfair competition Hugo Waeterschoot,
[PDF] [EN]
13.3 Enforcement of REACH at the borders: What are the harmonized enforcement tools? Nadia Vinck,
[PDF] [EN]
13.4 Registration of Nanomaterials Tatiana Santos,
European Environmental Bureau
[PDF] [EN]
14.1 AT: Austrian inspections targeting nanomaterial in the supply chain Eugen Anwander
AT Forum member
[PDF] [EN]
14.2 NO: Annual National Campaigns on Chemicals Abdulqadir Suleiman
NO invited expert
[PDF] [EN]
14.3 SE: Sweden's experiences from enforcement of REACH and other regulations for articles Mats Forkman
SE invited expert
[PDF] [EN]
14.4 FR: Involvement of (environmental) inspectors in REACH enforcement - synergies and tools developed Vincent Designolle
FR Forum member
[PDF] [EN]
15.1 Invitation to Stakeholders to submit proposal for the scope of the next REF project (REF-5) Dubravka Kreković
HR Forum member
[PDF] [EN]


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