Composition of the Board of Appeal

Members of the Board of Appeal are appointed by the Management Board of ECHA on the basis of a list of candidates proposed by the Commission.

The qualifications of the members of the Board of Appeal are defined in Commission Regulation (EC) No 1238/2007 on laying down rules on the qualifications of the members of the Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency.

The Board of Appeal consists of a Chairman and two other members. They are employees of ECHA but shall be independent and, in making their decisions, shall not be bound by any instructions. They may not perform any other duties in the Agency. Their term of office is five years.

In addition, the Management Board has appointed alternate and additional members. They are not employees of the Agency but are called upon by the Board of Appeal to deal with cases in the absence of the members or, if necessary, to ensure that the appeals can be processed at a satisfactory rate.

The Board of Appeal is assisted in the performance of its functions by the Registry.

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