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Workshop on Waste Framework Directive database

ECHA will be discussing the next steps on establishing a database on the presence of Candidate List substances, i.e., substances of very high concern, in articles in a workshop on 22-23 October in Helsinki. The workshop is targeted at Member State authorities and stakeholders.

Agenda and background information

ECHA will establish a new database on the presence of Candidate List substances, i.e. substances of very high concern, in articles. The primary users of the database are the waste treatment operators and consumers. The database will contain information submitted by companies producing, importing or supplying articles that contain Candidate List substances. Companies need to submit this information for articles placed on the market from 5 January 2021.

The task is based on the revised Waste Framework Directive that entered into force in July 2018. It is part of the EU’s waste legislation package, contributing to the EU's circular economy policy. This new task strengthens the need for good supply chain communication as foreseen under REACH, where companies have to communicate in the supply chain and notify ECHA about Candidate List substances in articles.


For questions about the workshop, please contact wfd (at)

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