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Twelfth meeting of the Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES12)

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) together with Cefic, Concawe, DUCC, Eurométaux, Fecc and Member States will organise the 12th meeting of ENES on 21 November 2019, in Brussels.

ENES is a collaborative platform involving industry and authorities, which aims to identify and promote good practices in the communication of information on the safe use of hazardous chemicals up and down the supply chain.

Purpose of the event

The 10 years phase-in period of REACH has been over since June 2018, but there are still major challenges with the workability and quality of the safety data sheet, the main vehicle to bring the safety data generated under REACH to the users of the chemicals.

Under the ENES umbrella a range of approaches and tools have been developed in order to improve the information exchange between registrants of hazardous substances and those who use them downstream in the supply chain. The goal of ENES 12 is to:

  • Inform companies manufacturing, formulating and using chemicals about  approaches and tools that can make supply chain communication more structured and efficient;
  • Demonstrate how the tools work and the benefits of using them;  and
  • Increase understanding of the practical value of information included in the extended safety data sheet for ensuring safe work places and products.      

The event will also inform the participants about the relevance of ENES work to REACH Review activities on enhancing the supply chain communication.

Target audience

If you represent a registrant, formulator or end user company, a sector organisation, or a Member State authority, and are not yet aware of the ENES activities, this is an event for you. In addition, practitioners generating safety data sheets for substances and mixtures, and those practitioners extracting information from safety data sheets relevant for the operations in their own company may have a particular interest.

Consultants and IT providers for supply chain communication solutions are also encouraged to attend this event, as they play a key role in implementing and disseminating the good practices identified.

Key topics:

The event will discuss the tools developed in ENES and how they facilitate the flow of safe use information in the supply chain for:

  • Registrants
  • Formulators
  • End-users
  • Authorities
  • Consultants
  • IT-Providers

What the uptake of the ENES approaches/tools has been so far, and how the use of the tools could improve:

  • The quality of the registration dossiers in terms of appreciation of realistic use conditions of the substance, consistency and efficiency of dossier updates.
  • Efficiency in communicating relevant safety information to the users of chemicals.
  • Safe use of chemicals in terms of providing the information in a format and terminology meeting the needs and experience of the user audience.

How the approaches/tools help in getting prepared for the post-registration processes under REACH. 

  • Participants will be welcome to provide their views and feedback, to suggest further needs, to make proposals and to offer contributions.
  • The event’s material will be made public on ECHA's website.


The programme is available here.

Presentations and material


Session 1 - Setting the scene

Session 2 - Five steps to make REACH exposure scenarios work

Market place posters

Session 3 - Looking ahead to risk management

Session 4 - Conclusion

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