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Towards faster regulatory action: ECHA's approach to assessing chemicals in groups

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3 October 2023 11:00 - 13:00 EET, GMT +2


We have now published more than 110 reports on assessments of regulatory needs in nearly two years, covering about 3 000 substances. This webinar further explains our approach to these assessments, upcoming improvements for how we inform registrants about published assessments of regulatory needs for their substances, and how you can react in case your substance is addressed in a group assessment.

Join the event to also learn about the role of the assessments of regulatory needs in the context of ECHA’s Integrated Regulatory Strategy and the formal processes under REACH and CLP.

We will address your questions on the group assessment work, how you can prepare and what to do if we propose regulatory actions for one of your substances.

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Broadcast starts 3 October at 11:00 EET GMT +2. No registration is required.

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Q&A opens on 3 October. Our panellists will answer them during the event.

The recording and webinar Q&A will be published on this page soon after the event.


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