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Targeted expert consultation on harmonised classification of cycloxydim

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Helsinki, 31 October 2012 - ECHA is giving the parties concerned an opportunity to comment on questions related to the potential reproductive toxicity of cycloxydim (EC No 405-230-9, CAS No 101205-02-1) which is currently under discussion by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC).

A proposal for harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) of cycloxydim was submitted by Austria in August 2011 and has been the subject of a public consultation ending on 1 October 2011 after which it has been submitted to RAC for an opinion.

During the RAC opinion development process, questions were raised on the interpretation of available data concerning maternal and developmental toxicity effects of cycloxydim and the relevance of the findings for classification.

ECHA invites the parties concerned to comment on a number of key questions that have been identified on the basis of the discussions in RAC until now. Experts should submit their input in the form of a written response to these key questions (see the link below) by 19 November 2012 at the latest to the following mailbox: Further instructions for contributors can also be found at the link below.

Depending on the number and/or volume of comments, either the full expert comment or only the summary will be published on the ECHA website in the form of an Annex to the RAC opinion.


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