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Summary of Product Characteristic (SPC) editor updated


An updated version of the Summary of Product Characteristic (SPC) editor to support biocidal product authorisations is now available.

The new version includes the following features:

  • Import from other SPC XML files (all data but product id, market area, language), enabling an existing SPC for a similar product to be re-used and edited
  • Users can import a complete SPC XML file generated by IUCLID
  • The list of active substances has been updated
  • The product family concentration range can now be limited to a single value
  • Text format issues occurring with certain browsers during copy and paste from Microsoft Word have been fixed

The SPC editor helps industry and authorities carry out their duties under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Users will be able to create new SPC documents and amend existing ones, for example, applicants can create new versions of existing SPCs for an additional Member State or the EU market. The tool is expected to be updated early in the summer to support all EU languages and Norwegian.

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