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Seminar on Applications for Authorisation

17 June 2013 | ECHA, Helsinki

This seminar aimed to improve the understanding of the authorisation application process, covering topics like the procedural steps, the content requirements for applications and the formats, manuals and tools for the application submission. The event focused on the needs of potential future applicants but was also open to other stakeholders.

The seminar had the following objectives:

  • to make the authorisation application procedure under REACH known and understood
  • to make potential applicants aware of the requirements on the contents of applications such as the chemical safety report, analysis of alternatives, substitution plan and the socio-economic analysis
  • to help potential applicants generate adequate and timely applications for authorisation by introducing them to available guidance, formats, manuals and tools for applications 

The meeting gathered 49 industry participants and other experts.  


Programme seminar June 2013






The meeting gathered 49 participants of which 46 agreed to have their names published in the list.

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