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SCIP workshop

The aim of the workshop was to discuss and share information on the practical implementation of ECHA’s upcoming SCIP database on hazardous substances in articles in order to develop and improve the database in the future. The target groups of the workshop were the duty holders who need to submit data on Candidate List substances (SVHCs) in articles as from January 2021, and the foreseen users of the database such as waste operators and organisations representing citizens.


The workshop consisted of plenary presentations and break-out group discussions. The key issues that were covered included:

  • state of play of the project and IT implementation of the SCIP database;
  • break-out discussions on efficient notification procedures; and
  • how to make the data available to waste operators and consumers.

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Background information

This event was a follow-up to the Workshop on Waste Framework Directive Database organised for the key stakeholders at ECHA in October 2018.

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