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Registrants should get ready to comment on substance evaluation draft decisions


ECHA will soon send requests for further information about substances evaluated under the Community rolling action plan in 2014 to registrants for comments.

Helsinki, 30 March 2015 - In 2014, Member States have been evaluating 51 registered substances under the substance evaluation process. If further information is needed to assess the safety of the substance, they have prepared a draft decision. The deadline for submitting a draft decision to ECHA was 26 March 2015. ECHA has now received draft decisions on 40 substances, and registrants should get ready to give their consolidated comments on the draft decisions addressed to them.

ECHA plans to send out the draft decisions to the relevant registrants on 4–8 May 2015. Registrants of these substances will have 30 days to consider and submit their comments. A notification letter will specify the deadline for commenting. The registrants are encouraged to coordinate and speak with one voice; it is recommended that one representative, the Registrants Contact Point, should send consolidated comments on the draft decisions on behalf of all registrants.

The registrants receiving a draft decision on substance evaluation will be those with active registrations for a substance on the date when the draft for the decision is first sent. However, two categories of registrants will be excluded: registrants who exclusively use the substance as an on-site isolated intermediate and under strictly controlled conditions, and those who have ceased manufacture or import of the substance in accordance with Article 50(3) of REACH before the decision is adopted by ECHA.

The 39 substances with draft decisions subject to commenting now are listed in the first link below. Registrants of one substance (EC 229-782-3) received the draft decision for comments already in 2014.

For 11 substances there are no draft decisions and thus no consultation with the registrants. In such cases, the evaluating Member State has been asked to submit a conclusion document according to Article 48 of REACH normally within four months from the end of the evaluation period. When available and cleared for confidential information, the documents will be published on ECHA's website.

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