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RAC and SEAC agree jointly on the main principle for the length of the review period for applications for authorisation


In a joint session, the Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis  (SEAC) agreed on the principle of the length of the review period in the authorisation process.

Helsinki, 12 June 2013 - In a joint session between RAC and SEAC, the committees concluded that as part of their opinion they would recommend to the Commission the duration of the review period for the use applied for. This had already been indicated in their joint opinion format for applications for authorisation agreed in 2012.

The committees agreed now on the main principle that they could recommend either a "normal", "short" or "long" review period. The committees will reflect how many years the "normal", "short" and "long" review periods could be and if there are exceptional circumstances, to deviate from this. The aim is that the committees will agree on the actual durations in their September 2013 meetings. The agreed approach of the committees will be made available on ECHA's website to give market operators certainty on the way the recommendations will be formulated.

In addition, the Committees jointly agreed to align the RAC and SEAC working procedures for the appointment of (co-)rapporteurs for applications for authorisation. Based on the expression of interest received from the Committee members in both RAC and SEAC, a pool of rapporteurs will be established for agreement by the respective committee.

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