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Public consultation on SEAC's draft opinion on restricting the use of dimethylfumarate in articles

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ECHA calls for comments on the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis' draft opinion on a restriction concerning the placing on the market and the use of dimethylfumarate (DMFu) in articles. The deadline for comments is 17 May 2011.

Helsinki, 18 March 2011 - France submitted a proposal on 21 April 2010 to restrict the placing on the market and the use of DMFu in articles under the REACH Regulation. This has been discussed in the ECHA Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC), taking into account comments from the six-month public consultation last year and the advice from the Forum on enforceability.

RAC adopted in its 15th meeting on 8-11 March 2011 its opinion that the restriction was appropriate to reduce the risk to consumers.

SEAC agreed in its 10th meeting on 9-11 March 2011a draft opinion concluding that the restriction was justifiable from a socio-economic point of view.

ECHA invites interested parties to comment on SEAC's draft opinion on DMFu in articles by 17 May 2011.

Interested parties can comment on the draft opinion by clicking on the substance specific commenting links on the ECHA website:
Restrictions under consideration


Comments will be reviewed and taken into account by SEAC when it adopts its final opinion in its 11th meeting in June 2011.

ECHA will then send the final opinions of RAC and SEAC to the European Commission. The final decision on the restriction is taken by the European Commission through a regulatory committee procedure with scrutiny.



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