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Prepare for IUCLID 6


ECHA has published a beta version of the upcoming IUCLID 6, which you can now test. A full version of IUCLID 6, the tool used to compile regulatory data on chemicals, will be released in Q2 2016. Until then, you must continue to prepare your submissions with IUCLID 5.

Helsinki, 24 June 2015 – The beta version gives all IUCLID users an opportunity to get familiar with the new look-and-feel of the tool before the official release of IUCLID 6.

If your company is using IUCLID from a server, we strongly recommend that you download the server version and take this opportunity to test the installation process and prepare your IT environments for a smooth transfer in 2016. The beta version does not contain all the data structures and functionalities of the final IUCLID 6 release. Therefore, all users are required to make a final upgrade to IUCLID 6 in 2016.

If you are using IUCLID installed on your own computer, you may download the IUCLID 6 desktop beta version. It comes with a brand new installer, and requires no additional software. After downloading the installer, the IUCLID 6 desktop beta version will be ready for you to test in a few minutes. 

A set of installation instructions and a list of solutions to known installation issues are available for the IUCLID 6 server beta version. Additionally, the ECHA Helpdesk will be available to answer your questions.

Create an account on IUCLID 6 website

Information related to IUCLID 6 can be found on a new IUCLID 6 website. To download IUCLID 6 you will have to register first. By creating an account, you can subscribe to mailing lists and receive the latest news about IUCLID 6. If you already have an account on the ECHA Newsletter or Chesar websites you can use the same credentials to log in. However, IUCLID 5 website accounts cannot be reused.

Background: What is IUCLID?

IUCLID is the tool used to prepare, for example, REACH registration dossiers and applications for authorisation of biocidal products. IUCLID 6 will be based on an entirely new technical platform. It will include many improvements related to, for example, its installation, data and user management and structure of information.

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