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New version of R4BP 3 coming in July


Companies who are preparing biocides dossiers in IUCLID 5 are encouraged to plan carefully when to transfer their data to IUCLID 6.

Helsinki, 25 April 2016 – A new version of IUCLID, used for creating biocides dossiers, will be published on 29 April. R4BP 3, the dossier submission tool supporting the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), will also be updated to ensure compatibility with the new version of IUCLID. The launch date for R4BP 3 is planned for 5 July.  

After the update, R4BP 3 will only accept dossiers created with IUCLID 6. Therefore, if you are planning to make any biocides submissions in June or July, it is important to plan carefully your upgrade from IUCLID 5 to IUCLID 6.

In the specific case that you would need to submit both REACH and BPR dossiers during the two-week period between the REACH-IT and R4BP 3 upgrades (21 June to 5 July), here are two proposed approaches:

  • Submit your biocides dossier in R4BP 3 before 21 June. You can then download the new IUCLID 6 and upgrade your IUCLID 5 files to the IUCLID 6 format with the help of the migration tool available. You will be able to submit BPR dossiers, in the IUCLID 6 format, after 5 July.
  • Download IUCLID 6 before 21 June and upgrade your IUCLID 5 files for REACH to the IUCLID 6 format. At the same time you can continue working on BPR data in IUCLID 5 until the R4BP 3 update on 5 July. After that, any modified or newly created BPR datasets can be exported from IUCLID 5 and imported to IUCLID 6.

Questions and answers on adapting to new versions of R4BP 3 and IUCLID are available.

R4BP 3 and IUCLID 6 timelines

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