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Forum first pilot project on authorisation finds only three cases of non-compliance


The aim of the project was to check compliance with the REACH Regulation on the marketing and use of MDA and Musk xylene. Out of 421 inspections, only three non-compliances were found.

Helsinki, 24 February 2016 – The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement conducted the pilot project, that was limited to a compliance check of two substances: Musk xylene and 4,4'-Diamoniodiphenylmethane (MDA). The substances have the earliest sunset date (21 August 2014) in Annex XIV under REACH.

18 Member States participated in the pilot project and a total of 421 inspections were carried out. In total, three non-compliances in reference to Article 56 of REACH were found and adequate measures, such as written advice, an administrative order and a fine, were taken.

The project has been a successful first step towards the enforcement of authorisation under REACH.

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