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ENES Workshops on Sector Use Maps and SPERCs

Two one-day technical workshops will be organised in May by industry working groups, in which ECHA participates. These are part of the efforts to improve chemical safety reports and exposure scenarios (CSR/ES). 

The focus of day 1, 12 May 2016 will be for sectors to share their experiences in developing use maps. Use maps are a means by which downstream users of chemicals can inform registrants on their most common uses and conditions of use of substances to support their assessment by registrants. In this way, the chemical safety report (for the registrant's own records and authorities) and the exposure scenarios communicated down the supply chain are based on realistic conditions of use.

Use maps are generally developed by sector associations using a common format. They include a description of use information and input data for the REACH exposure assessments in the form of a sector-agreed description of the operational conditions and risk management measures.

A number of downstream sectors are committed to doing this work in the coming months.

The day will be of particular relevance to European sector/trade associations representing downstream users that have started to develop use maps, and associations representing registrants to understand how use maps can be used to improve or prepare the chemical safety reports. Associations that are planning to develop use maps in the future can also attend to learn from the existing experience.

Day 2, 13 May 2016 concentrates on the specific environmental release categories (SPERCs). SPERCs are a standardised way to define the sector-specific conditions of use of substances from an environmental perspective and the related release factors.

This information can support the environmental assessment for the REACH chemical safety assessment. The workshop will review the format for the SPERC factsheets and the general content for the SPERC factsheets and background documents on the basis of two examples. The day will be relevant to European sector/trade associations that have developed SPERCs and Member State competent authorities that have expressed interest in following the SPERC work.


Date & Venue

Day 1, Thursday 12 May 2016
The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)
Avenue Edmond Van Nieuwenhuyse 4,
1160 Auderghem

Day 2, Friday 13 May 2016
Boulevard du Souverain 165
4th floor
1160 Brussels


Sector Use Maps Workshop

  • Use maps: reminder on the concept, and benefits for registrants and downstream users Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Erwin Annys, Cefic

Session 1: Feedback from Downstream user sectors and exchange of experiences

  • Use maps: feedback from developers (organisation of the work, using the template):
    • Fertilizers Europe Presentation [PDF]

      Speaker: Reetta Puska, Fertilizers Europe working group

    • European Catalyst Manufacturers Association Presentation [PDF]

      Speaker: : Shaun Presow, ECMA/European Catalyst Manufacturers Association

    • A.I.S.E. Presentation [PDF]

      Speaker: Francesca Angiulli, A.I.S.E.

  • ESCom: standard phrases catalogue (How to use it, process for proposing new phrases) Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Thomas May, ESCom working group

  • SWEDs: feedback from developers Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Thomas May, CEPE

  • SPERCs: feedback from developers Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Thomas May, CEPE

  • SCEDs: implications of guidance and tools updates Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Andreas Ahrens, ECHA

  • Safe Use information for Mixtures (SUMIs): connecting SUMIs with use map and exposure assessment inputs Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Laura Portugal, Thomas May, DUCC

Session 2: Implementing the use maps

  • How Chesar can support the use of use maps Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Hélène Magaud, ECHA

  • Single access point to use maps: hosting solution Presentation [PDF]

    Speaker: Andrew Murray, ECHA

Conclusions and next steps


Contact: csr-es-roadmap (at)

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