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ECHA stabilises guidance two years ahead of the 2018 REACH deadline


ECHA will refrain from further updates to REACH guidance documents that impact registration from 31 May 2016 onwards.   

Helsinki, 2 March 2016 – The Agency will apply a two year ‘moratorium' on updates to the majority of its guidance on REACH before the 31 May 2018 deadline. It concerns any guidance that explains the registration requirements. The moratorium is set to begin on 31 May 2016. The purpose of this stand-still period is to provide a sufficiently long period of stability for future registrants to undertake their preparations and negotiations in the substance information exchange forums (SIEFs) undisturbed.

Guidance documents will only be updated during the moratorium in rare cases, e.g. when REACH legislation has been modified or IT tools updated.   

However, the Agency recognises that some aspects of guidance directly related to registration (such as the Guidance on Registration itself and the Guidance on data sharing) will still be under consultation after 31 May 2016. Further updates on which documents will be subject to change during the moratorium will be given by ECHA before 31 May 2016.


Draft texts of updates to ECHA guidance on REACH for which consultation of stakeholders is already on-going can, in the meantime, be seen at the 'Ongoing REACH guidance consultation' page.

Further drafts will be added to this location when consultations are initiated.

ECHA also imposed shorter moratoriums on the update of REACH guidance before the 2010 and 2013 deadlines. ECHA's strategy on the moratorium in advance of the upcoming deadline has been elaborated in its Work Programme 2016.

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