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ECHA releases an update of R4BP 3.2 to increase its flexibility


It is now possible to make certain applications for product authorisations under renewal and to apply for renewal of an authorisation subject to a change.

Helsinki, 29 January 2015 – Until now, to protect the integrity of the data, it was not possible to make applications on product authorisations under renewal or to apply for renewal of an authorisation if an application was already ongoing for this authorisation. Consequently, applicants have not been able to start applications involving, for example, changes to a product authorisation subject to an ongoing renewal application until the renewal has been granted.

To address the issues raised by industry and some Member States, ECHA has now removed this limitation. Companies can now apply to change, merge or even transfer their assets in those applications currently subject to a renewal. The opposite action is now also possible, for example, a company can submit an application for authorisation renewal even if there is an ongoing application for changes. 

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