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ECHA releases a web portal for REACH and CLP inspectors

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The new REACH Information Portal for Enforcement (RIPE) provides online access for inspectors to key information submitted by companies to ECHA and facilitates more effective enforcement in the EU.

Helsinki, 28 June 2011 - ECHA has passed another milestone in the implementation of REACH and CLP by making the data it holds readily and securely accessible to inspectors in EU and EEA member states (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein).

The new web portal, developed as a separate application from REACH-IT, allows REACH and CLP inspectors to search for key information indicated by companies in their dossiers such as whether a dossier was submitted, by whom and when, the tonnage band, production and use sites, intended uses, information on classification and labelling, and guidance on safe use. Other key information on physicochemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological properties of substances is also available.

Designed to facilitate the navigation, the portal will be used by almost 2 500 inspectors working in the REACH and CLP local authorities of the European Union.

RIPE has been developed in close cooperation with the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement, which participated in the collection of the information needs of inspectors, the specification of the technical requirements and the testing of the application before release.

To ensure the easy roll-out of this new IT tool, ECHA has trained the national administrators and specialists who are now ready to provide support to those inspectors who will use RIPE.

The release of RIPE will greatly facilitate enforcement activities and will contribute to better implementation of REACH and CLP.


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