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ECHA publishes information on substances notified under Directive 67/548/EEC on the ECHA website

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Before REACH entered into force, companies notified ‘new substances' under Directive 67/548/EEC, the so-called Notification of New Substances (NONS). Notifications under Directive 67/548/EEC are considered as registrations under REACH. ECHA will start making information from these notifications available as of May 2012.

Helsinki, 31 May 2012 – ECHA started to make information available from the NONS notifications. This will increase from 78% to almost 100% the number of publishable substances made available on the ECHA website.

As these notifications were originally submitted in a format different from that of the current IUCLID, the information will be released in a stepwise approach, to give NONS registrants required time to adapt the different parts of their dossier to the REACH format.

The information that is now being made publicly available in the first publication is the majority of the dossier content: classification and labelling of the substance, physicochemical data, data on pathways and fate, results of toxicological and ecotoxicological studies, the DNEL and PNEC (if available) and the guidance on safe use. This will considerably enhance the volume of information on ECHA's dissemination portal.

In a second publication, as of autumn 2012, ECHA will start adding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) related information, to its registered substances database. For the NONS dossiers, this includes in particular the company name and registration number. The publication will ensure that the dissemination portal identifies the company name and registration numbers for all registrations except where claimed confirdential by the registrant.

In the third publication for the NONS dossiers, the remainder of the information according to Article 119 of the REACH Regulation will be published after the 2013 registration deadline. This will require industry to review their dossiers and consider whether an update is needed in respect of the information to be disseminated.

NONS registrants who have claimed their notification are being contacted directly via REACH-IT with specific advice on the method and timing for potential registration updates in response to the second and third dissemination steps in this announcement. ECHA urges all NONS registrants to act promptly on the advice received.

Some NONS dossiers have been and will continue to be fully published ahead of the 2013 registration deadline. This concerns NONS dossiers that have undergone a tonnage band update and those containing a testing proposal requiring a public consultation.

The NONS dossiers which are published with a reduced set of information can be recognised on ECHA's registered substances database by their yellow background, while other registration dossiers have a blue background.

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