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ECHA launches a new web form for notifying SVHCs in articles

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EU Producers and importers of articles can now submit notifications for substances in articles using an online web form available on the ECHA website.

Helsinki, 23 November 2012 –  The new notification tool is easy and intuitive to use. To complete the web form, notifiers need to provide a REACH-IT account number, which can be obtained by signing up with REACH-IT.

Under certain conditions, importers and producers of articles have to submit notifications of substances in articles to ECHA six months after the inclusion of the substance on the Candidate List. The 13 substances that were added to the Candidate List on 18 June 2012 thus have to be notified to ECHA by 18 December 2012.

Information on the legal requirements and other supporting information can be found on the substances in articles notification page under "Regulations/Candidate List substances in articles". For notifiers who prefer preparing the notification using IUCLID, the option is still possible.


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