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Check the 2018 deadlines to apply for Union authorisation of biocides


A list of active substance and product-type combinations for which a Union authorisation should be applied for in 2018 has been published. Check the deadlines and apply in time to keep your product on the market.

Helsinki, 17 May 2017 – In 2018, you should apply for product authorisation to keep your existing products on the market if they contain the active substances for which legal deadlines happen in that year. A convenient way to make the product authorisation applications is to use Union authorisation.

This year, there are also still upcoming deadlines to apply for product authorisation at Union level for uses of biphenyl-2-ol, CMIT/MIT, PHMB and peracetic acid.

Union authorisation allows you to place your biocidal product on the market throughout the entire EU, without needing a specific national authorisation. It is designed for products that have similar conditions of use across the EU.

We recommend to make a pre-submission at least six months before you submit your Union authorisation application. This free-of-charge consultation by the Member States provides useful information on the chances of success for your application and helps identify potential issues to be addressed.

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