National Helpdesks

National helpdesks have been established as the first point of contact for questions related to the BPR, CLP and REACH regulations. They can give you advice in your own language and are aware of local conditions that can be relevant for the correct compliance with these regulations. You can find their contact details below.


BPR, REACH and CLP helpdesk
Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Div. VI/7 Stubenbastei 5, A, 1010 Vienna
Telephone: +43 1 31 00 472
Email BPR: biozide (at)
Email CLP and REACH: office (at)
BPR website
CLP and REACH website
The Poisons Information Centre´s services for companies
National emergency telephone number – to be included in section 1.4. of SDS“; information below). Our poison information centre is the only competent service provider in Austria, according to the „Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets” (ECHA, Chapter 3.1.4), that offers a national emergency telephone call. See:

Safety Data Sheet
national emergency telephone number - to be included in section 1.4 of SDS
Documents published by national authorities
Guidance documents

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