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2 300 substances already identified for registration by 2013

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ECHA invites industry to regularly consult the list of substances to be registered by the second registration deadline of 31 May 2013.

Helsinki, 3 February 2012 - ECHA surveyed industry at the end of 2011 to get an accurate picture of all the phase-in substances to be registered by the 2013 deadline. For that purpose, ECHA contacted all companies that had reported in their pre-registration that they intended to register the substance by the second REACH deadline. This REACH registration deadline of 31 May 2013 concerns all potential registrants of phase-in substances if they manufacture or import them in the EU in quantities reaching 100 tonnes or more per year.

The preliminary results of the survey published today reveal a list of 2 300 substances that will be registered for the first time by the next deadline. ECHA will update the list on a monthly basis and would like it to be as complete as possible. Thereby, it invites any potential registrants who intend to register by the 2013 deadline and whose substance is not yet on the list to inform us of their intention by answering the ECHA survey received by them at the end of 2011. Potential registrants may also consult the list of registered substances to verify whether the substance was already registered.

For two thirds of these 2 300 substances, a Lead Registrant has been selected and ECHA would like to publish their names. ECHA thus invites any newly nominated Lead Registrant to notify us by using the updated form mentioned below. Lead Registrants who have already notified are also invited to submit the webform again to update their entries.

The list of substances will also be useful for downstream users to know whether the substance that they use has already been registered or is expected to be registered by 2013. However, as the list is not linked to the specific uses of their substance, downstream users are still advised to contact their suppliers and to communicate their specific uses to make sure they will be covered in the chemical safety assessment and exposure scenarios associated with a registration. 


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